Leading Ladies

Five Things to Know About Cynthia Rylant: 
1. Graduated from the University of Charleston and went on to pursue graduate work at Marshall University in English Literature in 1975.
2. Winner of both a Newbery Honor Award andtwo Caldecott Honors, Rylant is celebrated as a master of writing Children's Literature. (Newbery: Missing May and Caldecott: When I was Young in the Mountains and The Relatives Came)
3.   Before getting her start in writing children's books, she started working as a waitress and eventually became a librarian at the public library in Huntington, West Virginia.
4. In the late seventies, she started teaching English Literature part time at her alma mater, Marshall University when she wrote her first book, When I Was Young in the Mountains-her very first published work won a Caldecott, pretty impressive!!)
5. Rylant has written over a hundred books during her career including picture books, poetry, fiction and nonfiction. 

Book of the Day!

While working on curating book lists for monthly orders, I was researching the relevancy of Little Gold Books, and it turns out there just as popular as they were twenty years ago. I couldn't tell you how many my mom collected when we were kids, they were a big part of our reading. I'm glad to say my mother has kept all our kids books and our stash of those little gold spines. If you want to watch and learn more aboutLittle Golden Books, this will brighten your day.

Coffee Table Books

If there's one thing Sarah hordes, it's coffee table books. From Princess Di (because she grew up idolizing her) to travel books, interior design and fashion, Sarah loves to swoon over glossy photographs and dream...dream of wearing overpriced shoes and haute couture gowns or to fall into serious wanderlust with all the travel books she owns. Some of these she's had for a awhile and others are more recent purchases but these five she revisits often whether for inspiration or just to let her mind wander. Are you a serious book collector? What type of books do you like to keep? How do you organize your oversized books?

Graphic Novel of the Day!

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The Joy of Reading

One of the most asked questions I get as a children's librarian revolves around book lists. From award winning and appropriate reading level lists, I have to say I have a love/hate relationship with them. I understand the titles on those lists are important books that kids should be reading but these days it's hard to get kids to read. I know Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson series are all the rage (don't get me wrong, I'm the biggest Harry Potter fan you'll ever meet!) but I love suggesting books I grew up with and many of them don't have award stickers on the front cover. Growing up in my house, my siblings and I were fortunate that our parents let us read whatever we wanted, there was little restriction. Except for the few times my sister and I would sneak into my brother's room to read Stephen King books or thumb through pages in Jurassic Park, looking for the horrific and graphic description of someone being eaten by a dinosaur. My mom's reaction…

Professor Marston and Wonder Woman

In an effort to discuss books widely, (and the fact there are three of us contributing to the blog) we will try our best to stick to the monthly schedule of topics we would like to dive deeper into, starting off with TV Tuesday. This will include television shows that are loosely based on books or shows we just really like but we'll try keeping it bookish related. I became infatuated with Damon from The Vampire Diaries (the show) and the twisted teen hit, Pretty Little Liars. Both of which are based on popular young adult series. My sister is trying to get me started on Riverdale (from the Archie Comics), but I can't binge twelve different shows at one time. Side Note: how does The WB capture teen life so well?! They've been doing it for twenty years and every single show nails it! Which leads us to our first heroine on this Tuesday, do you have a favorite television character that is actually based on a character from a book? 
A few weeks ago I came across the recent fil…

Cool Girls Read

The Vogue goddess and Queen Bee herself, Majorie Hillis wrote two books that defined her writing career, an etiquette/how-to/guide to life for the single woman in Live Alone and Like Itand Orchids On Your BudgetWhile giggling in bed as I was reading this, I found myself rushing through my nightly routine so I could get back in bed and finish where I had left off the night before. I found myself seriously taking notes on how to live my life to the fullest and how to embrace my life as it is. Majorie became an icon and guru of sorts to single women all over American and I for one, a thirty-something in 2018 am one of those woman who holds her words to be sacred. The newest book by Joanna Scutts, The Extra Woman, dives deeper into the culture of single ladies of the 20 and beyond. 

Her follow up, Orchids on Your Budget by Majorie HillisMajorie Hillis, also became an instant success. Sarah discovered her first book, Live Alone and Like It randomly last year. I read it in two evenings a…